What is an avatar code?

We all play our parts of a huge simulation.

The reality we perceive every day appears to me as a marvelous simulation, constructed with such wise logic that it cannot be an accident. It’s as if someone, be it a god, creator or programmer, has imposed certain laws and principles on this world. We humans are often accustomed to technological artifacts such as plastic, smartphones and computers, but every cell in our bodies, with its complex processes, is also a kind of biocomputer that functions according to its own program.

We may have forgotten much of what we learned in school about cells. How mitochondria work, what’s in the nucleus, how cells communicate are all amazingly complex processes. And if after that someone still believes that we exist in this reality by chance, there are a lot of questions here.

Evolution certainly explains many aspects of our world, but even in it we can see logic and order. Logic, as we know, cannot exist without a creator who set that order. So our existence, with its harmony and beauty, seems to me to be the result of some deep and thoughtful concept.

We see many analogies in our lives that support the principle of likeness. For example, cinematography is a way to immerse yourself in an artificial reality and learn something new. We create computer games that allow us to explore virtual worlds and make choices that affect the course of events. It all seems to be about having new experiences and observing different aspects of life.

We can even imagine that we live inside something bigger, like particles in a vast being. The inner universe of the human cell may be only a small part of something grander. We can only guess what lies beyond the nucleus and DNA, as if it were a galaxy with its own planets and worlds.

We see a “program code” in life, like a matrix, that determines our characteristics and destiny. It could be karma, the desires of the soul, or simply the results of some divine game in which we are characters. Even our birthdates seem to contain the code of the program that describes us. Esoteric systems such as astrology and the matrix allow us to see these laws.

When you view people through the lens of this “code,” you see that each person has their own unique logic and purpose. Some of us are made to be leaders and break down walls, others are made to be softer and delve deeper into psychology and life. All of us, as it were, play our roles in this huge simulation to get a variety of experiences and make sense of this amazing reality.