How to apply resource energy in your life

Breaking down how you can replenish your vitality and find inspiration

It is no secret that a person can conduct, accumulate or on the contrary lose energy. People whose energy vessels are full always have a lot of strength and ideas, they are inspired and ready for new accomplishments.

On the other hand, if energy is spent faster than it is replenished, such people feel constant fatigue and unwillingness to do anything: life seems to pass by, they just exist, not live.

Good thing we have a cheat code in the form of the Matrix of Abundance that gives you the keys to your soul and body. One such key is the resource zone.

If you know what energy you have in this area, you can quickly replenish your vitality by following specific actions.

I’ll tell you a personal example of how it works

I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling with my family in another country. During this time we changed four hotels, we had frequent moves to different locations and all this with two small children.

When we finally got home, I ran out of breath and came down with a cold, a complete lack of energy, and a nervous breakdown.

Three days later, my state of mind was the same: no energy or mood for anything. Before, I would have gone to bed, turned on Netflix, and shut myself off from everyone all day.

However, now analyzing my energies through the matrix, I realize that I have a 6 (love, relationship, celebration) in my resource zone. It is the energy of love, comfort and beauty. I know that it is extremely important to me that my home is clean, beautiful and comfortable.

So instead of retreating back into my couch-serial cave, I grabbed a rag and started cleaning. It was through effort at first, but the more I saw the house get in order, the more inspired and energized I became.

That’s the paradox. Sometimes you feel tired and it seems like the most logical thing to do is to lie down and not move, but that doesn’t always help. That’s why it’s so important to know your matrix so you can easily find your personal, unique key to fast charging.

And how do you replenish your resource? ❤️

Author: Janina

Mentor of the M. Ulyanov School