Sleep and recovery

Tips and tricks to improve sleep quality and overall well-being

Sleeping naked

I recommend at least trying this method. People used to sleep that way, or in very loose clothing. Now our underwear is very uncomfortable, tightens the body and turning in our sleep we experience unnecessary discomfort. For men, I recommend sleeping naked, or buying specially wide sleeping shorts so that nothing gets cramped. Girls just comfortable cotton briefs, sleep shorts or pajamas.

Background sound

If you have extra noise in your room or behind a wall and can’t get it out, fall asleep to background sound. It’s better if they’re nature sounds.

Candles before bedtime

Since ancient times our ancestors gathered around the fire, further there were candles in the houses. Fire helps calm the mind and creates a nice cozy feeling in the home. Therefore, to fall asleep better, I recommend lighting candles in the house before bedtime, even scented candles are better.


It has been found in numerous studies that the best sleeping position is on your back and a thin pillow. In this pose, our lungs are maximized, air flows easily and all processes are calm. In second place is the fetal side pose.

Rest your eyes

A popular mistake when resting is not giving your eyes a rest. The eyes are the most energy-consuming channel of information perception. Through our eyes, our brains analyze the world around us for threats. Often taking a break or coming from work we relax immersed in a smartphone, laptop, TV. The eyes strain and the body expends energy to process information. The best vacation is a vacation in the great outdoors. That’s where our eyes are in their natural environment.

Have a gadget-free vacation

Modern teachings have introduced the concept of “electronic stress”. The average person consumes an excessive amount of information through social media. networks and other electronic sources. The brain is forced to digest all the information it receives. This causes our internal computer to overload, which in turn drains our energy. Try to rest without a gadget and consume information in doses.

This will help you recover better.

  • Maximum sunlight
  • Bright colors
  • Candles
  • Flavors
  • Music

Day of Silence

There is such a practice – vipassana. It’s a type of meditation where you focus solely on your inner state without communicating or interacting with other people. You can arrange your own vipassana day once a month. It will be a day of silence where you are completely focused on yourself and your condition.

An evening or a day without internet

You can give yourself an electronic detox. Just turn off your router and mobile internet for the evening or even all day. You’ll be able to spend more mindful time with your loved ones or read for example.