By signing up for our service you will have access to a wealth of free and useful information to help you better understand yourself and develop a plan to improve your life.

For your convenience, there is an option to purchase additional matrix transcripts of your family members, friends or clients. It will be permanently added to your personal account and is only paid for once. The availability of texts within all matrices of your profile depends on the rate you choose.

Buying a paid tariff, you get a subscription for 3 months with access to more information according to the tariff you have chosen.

Available plans


This plan includes:

  • Access to your personal profile with a calculation of your matrix by date of birth
  • Access to some descriptions of your energies
  • Access to the interactive diary
  • Access to all analytical charts
  • Ability to add additional profiles with matrix calculations

0.00  every 3 months

Full subscription

This plan includes:

  • Works for your matrix within your profile
  • Works for additional purchased matrixes within your profile
  • Access to all energy descriptions
  • Access to all analytical graphs
  • Access to additional sections of the message of the day - love and relationships, money and career

15.90  every 3 months


This plan includes:

  • Applies to calculations of ALL matrices
  • Decoding of all energies of all matrices without restrictions
  • Access to the interactive diary
  • Access to all analytical charts
  • Access to all additional sections of the avatariam

69.90  every 3 months