Leonardo DiCaprio’s Matrix.

Popularity and fortune, but where’s the family?

5 (Traditions).

In the soul’s comfort zone and destinies. DiCaprio has been committed to his acting career since he was a child. He is fanatical about what he does and is a teacher and example of perfect acting for many. Five is the energy of the family. However, in his case, this energy has gone into the negative, as Leo currently has no family.

11 (Potential)

The resource and main talent points are often found in celebrities, as it is the energy of realizing potential and hard work. Leo is not just lucky, he really has to work hard to reach his potential. His perseverance and dedication to his profession have led him to well-deserved success.

21 (Expansion).

At the soul task point and on the heart chakra is the energy of popularity and peacemaking. Leo is known all over the world for his talent. He easily finds common language with people, shows diplomacy and is actively involved in charity work.

10 (Luck).

In the money channel and purpose. Leo is indeed accompanied by good luck in financial matters and brings him the opportunity to work with talented directors and star in successful movies. He smiles a lot and looks pleasant and easy going.

15 (Charm)

In Common Purpose and 12 (a different vision) at the entrance to the relationship channel. Leo has an irresistible charm, and often attracts the attention of young girls. His life is full of temptation and he values freedom and variety. 20 (genus) on the balance point 5 (familiality) – does not dare to start a family.

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