Six levels of mindfulness

We go through each of the levels in detail.

Level 1

Beginning level of awareness. You realize that you are more than just an animal.

Level 2

Management stage – you learn to manage this awareness using techniques such as meditation and mindfulness management. When you’re at the animal level, you don’t control your attention.

Level 3

Control over the “flashlight” of attention – you can control it by directing it to conscious or unconscious actions. By learning to control it, you begin to control your emotions and actions. Direct my attention to what I’m doing at work – sitting, working, what I’m doing in this particular moment. That way you’ll start to notice over time that sometimes you do things you don’t want to do.

Level 4

Control over your physical sensations, from perceiving temperature to feeling pain. You become more mindful of your body.

Level 5

Inner Feeling – you begin to recognize your emotional states, like sadness. People often don’t notice – life isn’t high, but it’s not clear why when we start to build this focus and notice our emotional moods.

Level 6

The thought level is a deep awareness where you are able to perceive and manage your thoughts and experiences, including states of love, gratitude and joy as well as negative emotions.