Help should be asked for, it is important to start by helping yourself before helping others.

Not that no one at all, but you have to be very careful with the help. Let me give you a simple example:

Client Request: “I want to make enough money to help my mom pay her mortgage. I want to give my mom 10%-15% of my income to pay the mortgage.”

There’s a strong focus on mom and helping her. It’s better to go in the direction of focusing on yourself:

“I want to make money…a specific amount…so I can live in abundance and make my mom happy every month with the gift of a mortgage payment.”

I think you can see the difference here. With this intention, the focus is entirely on yourself and your pitiful life.

It is better to replace the word “help” with another word, such as “give a gift” or “take care of financially”, “give”, “give”, “please” and so on. The word “help” subconsciously contains a negative attitude that “mom needs help”, and help is needed by those who are not whole themselves.

It is better to live with the attitude that mom is whole without your “help”, but you out of abundance can financially please her, show her care and love. Helping is an intention from limitation. To delight is an intention out of abundance.

And the most important rule – you can help only those who ask for help! If no one directly asks you to help – you are making things worse for yourself and the person.

And the second rule is, help yourself first. Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved. You live your life, with its challenges and lessons.

Keep track of your motivations to help someone and the times when you expect or ask for help yourself.