The Philip Kirkorov Matrix

A capricious emperor without boundaries

6 (Celebration) at the soul’s comfort point and destinies

By this energy, Philip likes to be the center of attention, is narcissistic and loves himself. Open, emotional, resentful. 6 – the energy of beauty, hence the love of outfits and tzatziki.

3 (Empress) at the resource point

Love of luxury, femininity, softness, favorite of women. Capriciousness, hystericalness, arrogance also goes with this energy.

4 (Emperor) at the point of major talent

Well, I think it’s clear 🙂 This energy makes it easy for Philip to be the “king” of Russian pop music.

5 (Priest) at the point of the soul’s task

It is the energy of the voice, by it he realized himself as a vocalist. This is the energy of the family and is in the problem area – so Philip doesn’t have a full, traditional family.

12 (Creative) at the point of main elaboration and second purpose

Empowers Philip with creativity. The combination of karmic tails 18 (Closed-mindedness), 3 (Femininity) and 12 (Other Vision) can manifest unconventional orientation.

11 (Potential) in the realization zone

By it, he works hard at realizing his potential. Often 11 energy is found in celebrities because it is the energy of realizing potential.

22 (Freedom) at the money channel point

Lack of boundaries in thinking, creativity, imagery. It’s also the energy of “Jester”, here’s Philip and has been entertaining people for years 😉 Such a jester in the form of an emperor.

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