How to communicate with dissatisfied customers

People, even those who are aggressive, can change their attitudes if offered care and understanding.

About disgruntled customers. Try practicing servanthood, it usually works well if the job involves communicating with people.

In a nutshell, the point is to see the person more deeply and realize that their aggression and resentment comes from unconsciousness. Most likely the person is dissatisfied with themselves and their life, but doesn’t know what to do about it. And you can give him some love and care in the form of your ministry. Try to see behind the person – the soul that wants love and care but doesn’t get it. She ends up building a cocoon of ice around herself and tries to burn everyone with that cocoon.

But you, through your level of awareness and development, can realize this and give a person some love and care through your service to them at this moment in time.

A person is capricious, aggressive, dissatisfied, but you have inner strength and it is like fire that can slightly melt the cocoon of ice to reach the soul of a person.

I have worked many places and I have had many times when the aggression of the client eventually turned into a respectful attitude, because deep down, all people are normal and can communicate normally. It’s just that the environment around here is very aggressive and people are closing in their cocoons of ice.

I know myself that when I’m not in the mood or upset about something, I immediately take it out on those around me, whether it’s loved ones or even strangers on the phone.

Of course, this technique will not change the situation dramatically, but at least you will be a little easier) Globally, of course, you need to change your job and be in your place).