Avatarium is a unique service that opens before you the possibility to decipher the individual code of your personality based on your date of birth. Thanks to the post-calculation information provided, users can get to know themselves more deeply, visualize their strengths and weaknesses, and create a concrete action plan to improve their quality of life.

How does the avatar code work?

We see a "program code" in life, like a matrix, that determines our characteristics and destiny. It could be karma, the desires of the soul, or simply the results of some divine game in which we are characters. Even our birthdates seem to contain the code of the program that describes us. Esoteric systems such as the Matrix of Destiny allow us to see these laws.

Why our service?

Our calculator is based on the classic method of the Matrix of Destiny developed by Natalia Ladini, so all the results of our calculations are identical to standard interpretations of this method. Once you sign up, you'll have access to a wealth of free information to help you start changing your life instantly.

  • Benefit

    There are many useful resources and functionality available in your personal account that do not require payment

  • Self-knowledge

    You'll be able to sort yourself out and recognize your strengths and talents

  • Realization

    Opportunity to understand your purpose and direction of realization

  • Counseling

    Convenient tools for counseling and client management

Find out what the meaning of your life is

If we recognize that our world is created with a purpose or logic, it leads to questions about our own role and purpose in this reality. Analyzing your birth date can help you uncover some of that logic and understand what you are here for. Perhaps your existence has a deep meaning and the challenge is to realize it rather than endless consumption and material pursuit.