In 2012, the planet began to change

About the changes that have begun to take place in our lives

Since 2012, the active transformation of our planet has begun. Coincidentally or not, it was at this time in my life and the lives of many others that significant changes began to take place. Many people have noticed that time seems to have started moving faster since 2012. You may have noticed this phenomenon as well. I have personally watched everything around me speed up and so many things happen.

Our brains are able to perceive time faster as the number of events in life increases. When we are little, every day is full of new discoveries. But as we get older, we get used to the routine and the days seem shallower.

On one hand, life may seem predictable, especially when you’re a student, but on the other hand, there are so many changes happening – political, world and personal. I managed to get married, had a child, changed jobs and built my career. The fact is, something started to change in 2012.

I’ve noticed this change particularly vividly since 2015. At the time, the topic of self-awareness and self-development was just beginning to gain momentum. But over the last 7 years, this theme has evolved and become widespread. Now even popular bloggers and celebrities are talking about self-development and wish fulfillment marathons.

We can debate the quality of these products and ideas, but what is important is the fact that this topic has started to spread. An example is Elena Blinovskaya, who brought self-development and esotericism to the attention of housewives.

The word “mindfulness” has become popular and is used everywhere. As popularity grows, quality sometimes suffers, but it’s inevitable. Some may lament that self-development information that used to be available only to the elite is now available to everyone. Even famous personalities like Victoria Bonya talk about self-development, and that may make some people laugh. However, it is a matter of taste and I personally can relate.

It’s interesting how in 7 years the topic of self-development, which used to be limited to small communities and lectures, has become so popular. Meditations, for example, have become part of our daily lives, and every blogger has their own techniques. Back to the question of the reasons for this interest in self-development.

The first reason is the development of the internet. I remember that in my youth, the internet was not as accessible. I got a computer in 2007-2008 and we only had a local network. I could wander through the computers on this network and find interesting material, such as movies on alternative history and Russian language.

There is increasing interest in questions about the meaning of life and personal identity. One could put this phenomenon down simply to the increasing availability of information on the Internet, but in fact people have a growing desire to understand themselves and their role in all of this. These questions may seem strange to our parents’ generation.

Today, if you tell someone that the history we know may be fictionalized or distorted, many would agree with that idea. The approach to information has become more critical.

Why is this happening? If you consider all the events happening in the world, especially since 2012, it is noticeable that this is when the popularity of information about these issues started to rise. This coincides with increased access to the global internet and the development of platforms such as YouTube.

One might even suggest that some significant shift occurred in 2012, a new era or Age of Aquarius began. In practice, this has been reflected in the fact that information has since become more accessible and widely disseminated.

This interest is also related to the development of the global internet, smartphones and other technologies. Since 2012, people have had a need to understand themselves, the world around them and their role in it.

One possible explanation is the esoteric approach that some global process or change has begun. People have become more quickly saturated with different life experiences. Before, you could meet basic needs and consider yourself happy, but now access to pleasure and entertainment has become much easier. Many values have decentralized and become less important.

Keep in mind that our perception of time has become more accelerated and events are happening faster. This process started not only from 2012, but also from 2014, when the first conflict in Ukraine occurred, affecting the geopolitical environment. All of these factors have led to an increased interest in questions of meaning and direction in life.

Despite all the changes, however, many of us remain satiated with the comforts and pleasures provided by modern life. Our inner “monkey” is part of our nature to seek pleasure, to feel satisfied. But with the growing interest in questions of meaning and identity, people are beginning to look for deeper meaning in their lives and asking, “What’s next?”