10 reasons why you’re not good at reaching your goals

Ten common problems that can get in the way of achieving goals

1. You don’t know how.

⛔Yes, as cliché as it sounds, you probably just don’t know how to reach your goals. I bet you weren’t told this at school, university, on TV. If you want to drive, you go to driving school. It’s exactly the same with goals. You just need to learn how to do it.

2. You don’t believe in your own strength.

⛔Set a goal for yourself, but you don’t believe you can achieve it. This is mostly the case because you don’t have experience in accomplishing goals. The end result is a vicious circle:

  • No faith in your abilities – no action – no results – no faith in your abilities.

You need to start doing useful activities on a regular basis to see your progress.

3. You’re putting it off for later.

⛔Sound familiar? 99% of my students face this problem. The main reason for procrastination is that your goal is not worked out in detail, you do not have a step-by-step plan to achieve it, consisting of small actions that will not take much time. So the goal looms over you like a huge elephant, you don’t know where to start and the easiest solution is to push back.

4- You don’t learn from other people’s experiences.

⛔The goal you want to achieve has probably already been achieved by someone else and it will be very useful to learn from the experience of another person. Biographies, blogs, workshops, etc. There’s a lot of information out there now and you can use it.

5. You think a lot and do little.

⛔The constant meat grinder of thoughts in your head leads to only one thing – moral exhaustion. I’m one of those people myself who likes to ponder, but it’s important to know the measure. You think about it, you do it. You’ve done it, analyze it. There’s a good expression, “Smart but poor.” I know people like that, a lot of thinking, but little action and consequently little results in life.

6. You want quick results.

⛔Of course, who wouldn’t want to. But it’s important to realize that the bigger the goal, the longer (most likely) the journey to get there. Yes, we see around us examples of musicians, actors, bloggers, who at one point became very popular, but if you study their success story in depth, it turns out that everything is not so simple. 99% of successful people went to their result with years of hard work.

7. You give up quickly.

⛔There’s a good question to ask, “Did I really do everything I could to achieve my goal?” In most cases, the answer will be no. After suffering one failure we immediately give up and think that this goal is not for us. It’s the school that imbued us with the harmful attitude that “mistakes are bad”, but after all, from birth we make mistakes and it’s only through this that we grow! How many times will a child fall before they start walking? What if all the kids gave up after two tries?

8. You don’t have much energy.

⛔This is the problem of our time. We are like dead batteries, only strong enough to cover the basic needs: to eat, go to work and go to bed. In such a weak energy mode, it’s no wonder there are no results. Start pumping your energy through nutrition, exercise, mindfulness. If your car is low on gas, you won’t get very far.

9. You’re not using efficiency tools.

⛔Besides our goals, we all have tons of worries. Studying, work, family, various little things take away the most valuable resource – time. And then you painfully realize that it’s been six months and you still haven’t made any progress toward your goals. I recommend using planning, focus, prioritization, and other efficiency tools. Time is the one resource we can’t make up for. Appreciate it.

10. You don’t use mental tools.

⛔Visualization, focusing, transurfing, and other mental tools can accelerate your goal. These are not magic wands, but very useful tools. I recommend adding them to your arsenal and making the most of them.