10 actions, to achieve any goal

The text provides ten specific steps or strategies that will help a person achieve his or her goal.

1. Capture your goal.

?As long as the goal is in your head, it doesn’t exist. Write down your goal on paper or on your smartphone. Pick a visual reflection of your goal. A picture or photo that makes you want to move forward toward your goal.

2. Spell out the goal in as much detail as possible.

? “I want to make a lot of money” is not the goal. What does it mean to make a lot of money? For some people 30,000 rubles is a lot, and for others it is several million. The more specific your goal, the more likely you are to achieve it.

3- Realize why you need your goal.

?The answer “I want to” is not acceptable. Here it’s the same as the previous point, the deeper you work through the realization of “why” you want your goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. By the way, this question is a very cool way to find false goals that you don’t really need.

4. Determine a timeframe for accomplishing the goal.

?No deadline, no results. It’s already been tested. Of course, there are some goals that are hard to choose a deadline for, but you just have to use the rule: “The more the goal depends on me, the more serious I am about deadlines. The less the achievement of the goal depends only on me, the more relaxed I am about deadlines.” But there has to be a final deadline!

5. Work through fears and blocks.

?We all have fears and inner blocks. Many of them we don’t realize. And the larger and more complex the target, the more such fears and blocks. If you don’t work through them – your forward movement will be very slow or nonexistent.

6. Identify opportunities.

?We live in a very cool time. No generation has ever had such opportunities as we have. But often we don’t see these opportunities. The cocoon of our habitual life prevents us from looking wider and it seems like there are no options. Start looking for opportunities and you’ll find them.

7. Create a detailed plan for accomplishing the goal.

?It wouldn’t occur to a builder to build a house without a detailed plan. An engineer will not assemble a car without a detailed plan. But when we want to achieve our goals, we think “it’ll all work itself out somehow.” It might work out of course, but I suggest not to push your luck and make a detailed plan so you know clearly what you can do to achieve your goal today/tomorrow/this week/this month.

8. Take regular action to accomplish the goal.

?It is regular, even small actions that lead to big results. You don’t become an Olympic champion in a week. But become through a lot of little training. There are exceptions, but they only prove the rule. It’s better to have little but regular. Think about what small action you can take today to achieve your goal.

9. Adjust your plan each week.

?Life doesn’t stand still, it’s dynamic and it’s important for you to be dynamic and flexible. Each week, analyze your results and adjust your action plan.

10. Motivate yourself.

?Even the most driven people have days and weeks when they don’t feel like doing anything. And at times like this, it’s the environment, the people or the publics, the youtube channels, the bloggers that help. An environment that can remind you what it’s all about. Why the action, why the overcoming. The routine of everyday life can drag you down, but it’s important to give yourself regular “injections” of motivation and refresh your conscious vision of where you’re going and why.