10 ways to become more energetic and alert in 7 minutes

Ten ways to increase energy and overall well-being, covering physical and psychological aspects.

Our well-being and energy levels are primarily dependent on the condition of the body. So most of the quick ways to become more energetic have to do with the body, but beyond that I’m going to give you some more tips on how to boost your energy through your mindset and inner state.

Method 1. Squats.

Squats are perhaps the most underrated of all habitual exercises. It is so simple and so accessible that most people treat it dismissively and very wrongly. The big advantage of squats is that you can do them anywhere, at home, at work, on public transportation 😀 I won’t describe all the pros of squats, I’ll just say that with this simple exercise you can easily raise your energy level. Just do 3 approaches of 10 squats and you’ll feel the results. In this video you can see how to do squats correctly:

Method 2. Plank.

You won’t be able to do the plank everywhere, but if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend this exercise. The plus side of the plank is that it puts a strain on almost every muscle. Blood rushes to them and you feel more alert. Here’s video instruction on how to do the plank:

Method 3. Dancing.

This method is very simple but extremely effective. Dancing activates the whole body. And you don’t have to be a pro, it’s enough just to “jerk” to your favorite song. The main thing is to give freedom to your body and put on a really upbeat track. For example, the Yandex music service will help you with this. Just go to the “radio” section, then select “moods” and there’s an “energetic” tab. Either use your favorite tracks. The main thing is use it and dance!)

Method 4. Get some fresh air.

The lungs are our body’s engine, so if you want to ramp up your energy, ramp up your lungs with your breathing. In this video, I give a simple breathing technique that will help you fill yourself up with energy quickly.

Method 5. Think about your inspirational wish.

I wrote above that you can energize yourself not only at the level of the body, but also at the level of thinking and inner state. To rock your inner energy think of a desire/goal that inspires you. If you don’t have these desires/goals, the following method will help you start looking for them.

Method 6. Write down your goals.

If you already have your list of goals, you can simply rewrite it by conceptualizing and visualizing the achievement of each goal. If you don’t already have a list of goals, you can do the 100 Goals and Wishes exercise. It can take more than 7 minutes total, but you can do it in installments of just 7 minutes each 🙂 How to make 100 goals and wishes:

Write down all of your goals and desires. When the main desires and goals are over, ask yourself, “Is this really ALL I want? Will I regret not asking for more?” Write down absolutely everything that comes to mind. Here are some directions for you:

  • health and sport
  • money
  • well-being
  • house
  • travels
  • acquaintances
  • emotions and impressions
  • entertainment
  • events
  • training
  • entourage and friends
  • family
  • creativity
  • spirituality

Method 7. Watch a motivational video.

Our energy level affects our motivation and motivation affects our energy level. Motivational content can ignite a fire of energy in you, but the important thing is to keep that fire burning and use it to achieve your goals.

Method 8. Acknowledgments.

The energy of gratitude is very powerful and light. I encourage you to practice gratitude on a regular basis. How to do it:

  • Make yourself a nice notebook for gratitude.
  • Set a timer for 7 minutes and write everything you’re grateful for until the timer rings. Write in the format of “I live in a cozy apartment and I’m grateful for it.”
  • Give thanks sincerely and this practice will help you be more energized.

Method 9. A dip in the water.

A very cool way to charge your battery quickly. BUT! Don’t douse yourself with cold water right away, start with regular warm water. How to do:

  • Get a bucket or basin of water. Start with warm water and gradually lower the temperature. Do 3 dousings of different temperatures in one go.
  • After dousing, don’t rush to continue immediately, stand for about 10 seconds to let the blood come up to the surface of the skin.

If you want to douse yourself with cold water, consult your doctor first about your condition.

Method 10. Contrast shower.

Start practicing contrast showers. Here’s my way:

  • Get in the shower, turn on the water to a comfortable temperature for you.
  • After your body has warmed up, after about 3-5 minutes, begin to gradually turn the water to cold.
  • The water should not be ice cold, just cold. Start with cool water and then lower the temperature with practice.
  • Starting at your feet, shower yourself from bottom to top with cold water. About ten to thirty seconds. don’t water your head.
  • Turn the water to warm again and continue washing.

Start using a contrast shower with this simple technique. Then you can do multiple iterations of water changes + lower the temp. Here’s a video on the benefits of contrast showers: