Morgenstern matrix

These energies in the matrix gave Morgenstern his popularity

In the resource zone Alisher has 17 energy (brightness, creativity, sensitivity) and he perfectly monetizes his creative abilities, creatively manifesting himself not only on stage, but also in public.

In talents – 15 energy (fix, luxury, charm), which hints that the person is capable of triggering others with their actions and awakening various feelings, both good and bad.

Morgenstern is a clear embodiment of this energy – many people don’t like his music, but he does what he wants to do and enjoys it.

By 13 energies (change, courage, transformation) he went beyond the conventional rules and created his original system of music that brought him popularity and money.

There is a 7 energy (challenge, movement, self-sufficiency) in the money channel. Alisher knows what he wants, sees his goal and moves towards it. It is always in development and in motion.

Destination stands for 20 energy (integrity, lineage, clairvoyance), which helps him create music out of flow, and move through life trusting his inner voice.

Alisher has a powerful energy that propels him forward and unlocks his potential – this is how 11 energy (potential, leadership, confidence) works in the comfort of the soul.

“I realized, it doesn’t matter if someone accepts me or not, if someone likes me, you just have to be yourself.”

By 6 energies (love, relationship, celebration) he embraced his uniqueness and realized talent.

There are two streaming energies in his matrix – 10 (inspiration, movement, lightness) and 19 (magnitude, action, ideation). He enjoys his life, spends money easily and thus it only gets bigger.

Also Alisher has 2 energies (compassion, unity, harmony), which helps him to feel and read the desires of listeners, create trends and popular tracks that fly into the first lines of top charts.

The secret of Morgenstern’s success is very simple: he lives his life pumping energies through the matrix to the maximum and doesn’t think about what others will say. He’s doing what he loves and getting high off of it.

What do you think of the Morgenstern matrix?

Author: Angelina

Mentor of the M. Ulyanov School