How a human being works – energy flow and matrix

Man is a conduit of the flow of life.

To make it easier for you to understand how the matrix helps to activate the energy flow, we made a small video illustration:

And I’ll briefly explain the basics.

Man is a conduit of the flow of life.

From top to bottom there is a flow of light, love, a spiritual flow that heals our soul and connects us to the original source.

From the bottom up there is a flow of matter, energy that feeds our body and connects to matter.

Chakras are energy centers. A kind of engine that works to conduct energy outward and inward. If a person’s chakra energies in the matrix are activated and manifested in plus, then the chakra is working correctly.

The work of all the chakras creates an energy field, which you can see in the video. The better the energy flows through the chakras, the more powerful the field, the more energy a person has, the better the self-perception and health.

And vice versa. If the chakras are working weakly, the conductivity of the flow is reduced and this affects the energy field. You can see this near the end of the video, how the attenuation of the chakras leads to a weakening of the energy field.

The Matrix helps us find the blocks on our chakras, start activating our energies and get all the perks of it. Since the chakras are connected to all areas of our lives:

✅ Self-understanding and worldview
✅ Manifestation
✅ Relationships with the people of the world
✅ Money and Realization
✅Love and sex.