Activation of matrix energies

Practice on activation of matrix energies through awareness

This practice will help you dive more into yourself and see how you are living your energies through the matrix at the moment.

Using this technique daily, you will become aware of all your habitual actions and reactions, see the manifestation of pros and cons by your energies and learn to work with them.

We are used to doing everything fast and on automatic, but when the speed of life changes, the level of awareness increases.

With this simple, basic practice, you’ll learn how to manage your mindfulness.

Practice Instruction:

1. Before doing any task (e.g. eating/brushing your teeth/tying your shoelaces), imagine that you are lazy.

2. Perform the action 2 times slower than usual.

3. Do this in slow motion for at least 3 minutes (you can do longer if you wish), being aware of each movement.


*Recommend doing the technique slowing down at least 10 times during the day.

*At the end of the day, write your comments: what actions you tried slowing down on, what sensations you had, what you realized about yourself, what you noticed new.